Savile Row x NASA


From the start I wanted to do something completely different with Blake blazers. Something innovative that allowed the wearer to get the most out the amazing materials and the Savile Row tailoring.

The obvious thing to me was fabric technology. Mens tailored outerwear hasn’t changed in 200 years. Stylistic details have come and gone, the standard of materials and manufacture has (generally) got worse but basically it’s the same construction. What has changed is weather and central heating. So half the time your jacket is too damn hot to wear. Walking into the office. Going into a shop. Getting on the Tube. Being outside in Britain’s insanely changeable weather. You may have bought a beautiful jacket that makes you look like Cary Grant but how often is actually comfortable to keep on? So it ends up staying in your wardrobe or thrown over the back of a seat, losing it’s shape.

It turns out that NASA have faced a similar (although slightly more intense) problem. Space is very cold. Or if you’re in direct sunlight, very, very hot. So NASA developed a special kind of fabric for use in spacesuits that dramatically evens out temperature differentials by pulling heat away from the body and retaining it until the temperature drops below a comfortable level, when it returns it.

As well as making the jackets more comfortable to wear this allows me to use really high quality, slightly heavier fabrics with good ‘drape’ that give you the cleaner, more masculine look that you often see on old movie stars. The prospect of putting space technology literally next to British heritage fabrics in a 21st Century reboot of the blazer was too exciting to pass up. Whatever it took, I had to have that technology in my products. Savile Row x NASA - why not?