I find it odd when people talking about buying style.  Style is personality: no-one talks about buying personality.

Your style is your personal responsibility, you can’t outsource it. You can tell when people try to because their clothes end up wearing them, not the other way around.

A jacket is the single biggest clothing statement a man can make.  No other item of clothing changes the way you feel about yourself as much.  It even changes the way you stand. Trust me - I’ve watched a lot of guys trying on jackets recently.

Every man should have a great jacket in his wardrobe. By great I mean expertly tailored, with the best fabrics you can buy and made to hold it's shape.

I want my jackets to be a canvas that you create your personal style against.  They’ll have a very graphic look, they’ll fit a certain way and that’s your platform on which you can make something that’s all your own.  It might be a subtle choice like a pocket square or a scarf or it might be more extravagant - whatever works.  I hate rules in most things but especially in how you dress.  One of the reasons I wanted to make clothes that you’ll want to keep is that I think it takes time for you to find your own way to wear them.

So my jackets are going to be about creativity, innovation and being made in Britain. But most of all they’re going to be about individuality.  Not mine.  Yours.