Blake Camo breaks cover


Here’s Mr Mark Vanstone, spotted outside his workshop in a rare break from his latest film. Mark is a mate who has possibly the best job in the world - he blows things up for a living. Actually that’s a massive understatement of his abilities: he does special effects, vehicle design and other clever stuff for directors like Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan and Terry Gilliam.

Mr V is in the Blake Dark Camo Blazer -  a more rock ‘n’ roll take on our standard block, with less structure and built-in urban camouflage. The Dark Camo is the odd one out in the range but we had to shoot it first to catch Mark between locations on his latest blockbuster gig. Looks pretty good on him, no?

The camo pattern is printed in London onto a military cotton drill. This one is very limited edition - only 20 meters of this fabric are going to be printed - that’s enough for 10 jackets. It’s going to be on sale at Best of Britannia 5/6/7 October - get your tickets here.

Mark wears:

Blazer: Blake Dark Camo
Shirt: BLK Denim
Jeans: Nudie
Biker Boots: vintage