Blake Vintage Check


An endangered species caught in the wild: the Great British Inventor. Here’s Tom Lawton in the Blake Vintage Check.

I met Tom a couple of years ago through a mutual friend and I really respect him. He’s dedicated 10 years of his life to bringing a new type of photography to the masses and now - after countless bumps and grazes along the way - he’s got some of the biggest names in the technology space banging on his door.

The Vintage Check features an exclusive fabric woven by the legendary Fox Bros mill in Somerset. The design is inspired by an hundred year old ghillie jacket that I found kicking about the Fox factory. Along with the Dark Camo, it’s going to be on sale at Best of Britannia 5/6/7 October - get your tickets here.

Tom wears:

Blazer: Blake Vintage Check
Pocket Square: Blake (prototype)
Scarf: Blake (prototype)
Jeans: Acne
Shoes: Grenson