Style. Start-up style.


The joy of start-up.


02.30 Taxi to St. Pancras. Attempt to sleep. Fail.

05.40 Catch Eurostar. Attempt to sleep. Fail.

08.30 Arrive Paris, 15 mins late. Run to meeting. Meet. Good meeting. Win.

13.00 Lunch. Good company so avoid falling asleep in food.

14.15 Catch Eurostar back to London. Phone calls with BOB production team and @BenAS for twitter advice. Attempt to sleep. Fail.

16.30 Arrive London. Phone call with Fox Bros PR Cass who is lovely and v. helpful. Win.

17.00 Burn down Knightsbridge looking for shirt to style Tom in for tomorrow morning’s photoshoot. Epic. Fail.

19.48 Catch train home. Worry about photoshoot. Attempt to sleep. Fail.

22.10 Arrive home. Emails. Bed. Post self-pitying blog entry. Ponder shirt snafu: which shops to drag Tom through tomorrow morning in 30 available mins before we meet Ben for shoot? Fall asleep. Probably.

Loving it.