Blake Blue Textured Blazer


Like many people who love photography, I hate being on the other end of the lens. However, if you’re going to have a clothing brand I guess you should be prepared to front for it so here I am in the Blake Blue Textured Blazer. As you can see below, my hand has become unfortunately stuck to the side of my face. 

This also happened a few years ago when my former business partner and I were profiled in the Financial Times.

Apparently there are some activities for which a blue blazer isn’t appropriate . Surgery perhaps. Or maybe armed robbery. Those are the only ones I can think of presently. The Blake version comes in a textured British fresco which can be dressed up or down and comes with a single mother of pearl button. It’s on sale today and tomorrow at Best of Britannia in Clerkenwell.

Darius wears:

Blazer: Blake Blue Textured Blazer
Pocket Square: Father’s wedding tie
Scarf: Blake (prototype)