David Hieatt wears Blake Harris Tweed


Here’s David Hieatt, founder of Hiut Denim and the Do Lectures looking good in Blake Harris Tweed. You need a tough, artisinal fabric to contain the waves of creativity and entrepreneurialism that flow naturally from him. I suspect that future generations of British creatives will view him as some sort of folk-hero.

As it’s name suggests, the Harris Tweed is woven on the Isle of Harris in Scotland on a rare single-width loom and has a markedly different feel to any machine-woven fabric. When you get up close, it’s got a very graphic look, with reds and yellows amongst the overall brown and green tones. You can see more pictures of it on the second prototype. For this jacket it’s matched with bright steel buttons and Blake’s signature red under-collar melton.

It’s on sale today and tomorrow at Best Of Britannia in Clerkenwell.

David wears:

Blazer: Blake Harris Tweed
Jeans: Hiut Denim