Le style de Barât et Biolay

Endured a fluey and hungover trip out of Paris this week on the Eurostar (which I normally rather like to be fair). Cheered up by the cover story in the in-flight (on-rail?) magazine which is a two-hander with Carl Barât and Benjamin Biolay.

The interview's OK but the main event is the styling, with B & B channelling some full-on Gainesbourgian Tailoring Louche vibes. Mostly Kooples I think which is pretty much my favourite thing on the High St at the moment. This is (probably) a clue to where Blake is going for Series 2 with softer shouldered, deconstructed jackets teamed with silk scarves/pocket squares. Also, printed fabrics for the jackets.

Biolay is Blake's new man-crush FYI. Not only has he fathered a child with the daughter of Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve, it's apparently an open secret in France that he was schtupping Carla Bruni, the then-First Lady. Respect. His new album's not bad either.