[BLAZERS] Series 1



The Series 1 pattern (or 'block') was created by Savile Row master cutter John DeBoise and is a modern update of the traditional London Cut. The fit is contemporary and masculine with strong shoulders and plenty of shape through the chest.

Buttons are brass, steel or mother-of-pearl.



Series 1 blazers feature a fully-canvassed construction which is not only breathable but means the jacket will look better the more you wear it. Unlike most modern jackets, the hand-stitched chest canvas and hand-rolled lapels give our blazers outstanding shape and dimensionality that lasts - a machine hasn't yet been invented that can hand-roll a lapel to give the same effect. The exception is the Dark Camo blazer which uses deliberately deconstructed tailoring for a more casual feel.

Series 1 Blazers feature sleeves with working cuffs.



Blake blazers incorporate a patented heat management technology, developed by NASA for use in spacesuits. This evens out temperature differentials caused by moving from cold to centrally-heated environments and vice versa. This dramatically increases the wearability of our jackets while retaining the superior drape characteristics of the premium British fabrics we use.